Kids On Board

Kids on Board

For children, the Caribbean islands offer the best natural playground in the world. Imagine the islands through the eyes of a child—swimming in a great blue sea, floating in warm salt water, and seeing schools of fish in a kaleidoscope of colors dart through the...

What To Pack

What to Pack

So, maybe it's your first time on a yacht, and you're not sure what to pack!  Not to worry, we've got you covered with this helpful article of what to bring and what to leave behind on shore.YES!First, pack your items in a soft-sided...

Our Role - Your Trip

Our Role – Your Trip

What is the value of a good yacht charter broker? Why even bother going through a particular broker, when so many yachting professionals seem to offer such similar trip packages? Are all brokers more or less the same? In truth, not all brokers are alike. An...