Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting 2017

Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting 2017

CYI Charters attended the 56th Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting from December 3-10, 2017 at Falmouth Harbour, Antigua.  Some of the world’s finest charter yachts were showcased, making way for a successful 2018 charter season in the Caribbean.

CYI Charters debuted the Mrs. Happy for her first showing as a charter yacht, based in St. Thomas, USVI.  The Mrs. Happy has been a private yacht for over a decade.  The yacht has upgraded 3 times in that timeframe from a Johnson 65′, 87′, and now a 108′, but her name and warm features have continued throughout the years.


Superyachts and catamarans, they were all at the show this year.  Would you like to have your own spa on board? Not a problem.

Do you want to feel plush, silk carpets line the soles of your feet?  This megayacht featured true Silk carpets throughout every suite on board.  Touring the Master Cabin, or apartment rather, made me feel like I was in a Penthouse Suite on the Upper East side of Manhattan.

The Master Suite on board this megayacht:

A stingray skin railing led me to the top deck of this megayacht:

So whether you want a blue lit bathtub on board your charter yacht

Or a cozy dining experience with family and friends, 

CYI Charters is the charter yacht company for the job.  It would be our pleasure to arrange your one week charter on board any of these exclusive yachts.  

Other noteworthy charter yachts at the show included:

 Where’s Waldo

Far Niente 

Quinte Essential



and Lady J 


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