Antigua Boat Show 2018

The 57th Annual Charter Yacht Meeting (AYCM) took place on the beautiful island of Antigua in December, so we at Caribbean Yacht International packed our bags, hopped on a flight, and arrived on the island to learn about the nearly 100 mega-yachts on display in three different luxury marinas.

The AYCM’s focus was on allowing yacht charter agents the opportunity to perform onboard viewings of many of the luxury vessels that are currently available for chartering in the Caribbean. Agents were also invited to sample gourmet cuisine on each of the boats, quite the culinary adventure since the yacht chefs were in competition with the theme “A New Year’s Eve Dinner Party.”

Five viewing days at the AYCM culminated in a final Sail Day that gave charter agents the chance to spend some time on the water aboard these elegant vessels to get a true sense of the onboard charter experience. We always enjoy the opportunity to educate ourselves on current yachting trends so that we can, in turn, provide the best possible experience for our charter clients.

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